NZで料理長になる④ ランチメニューの再構築その3英語でプレゼン編

Hello 〇〇

Below are my new lunch menu suggestion

I am thinking those price are 22 dollars to 30 dollars 

This is designed for 20 to 30 customers at lunch time service 

Below items also on the dinner service as it is or some changes.

1. Teriyaki chicken 
2. Fish Saikyo Yaki
3. Market fish of the day aqua pazza 
4. Sushi and sashimi
5. Roast beef donburi
6. Tsukune hamburg
7. Unagi donburi

All mains comes with rice, miso soup and appetizer

Miso soup and appetizers daily changes 

1. Teriyaki chicken               〇〇○original. You can not see this in other restaurant. Stuffed chicken with teriyaki sauce.                   

       Good point   very original and tasty
       Bad point  it takes time but if sous vide machine are useful for this dish

2. Fish Saikyo Yaki              This is popular at your restaurant already.

3. Market Fish of the day aqua pazza style.   〇〇○original.  . Half Italian and Half Japanese method. Using olive oil and tomato for half grilled and half water steamed.

         Good point     very original 
      Bad point       it takes time. Fish might be expensive. Salmon substitute?

4. Sushi and sashimi             one of supplier said they are ok to delivery fish but minimum spend is 100 dollars. Lets try ths and see what goin on 

5. Roast beef donburi              very simple. Onion and roast beef on rice bowl. Cooked sirloin steak with sous vide machine.

           Good point   very tender beef 
           Bad point      too simple?

6. Tsukune Hamburg       Sakaba Original. chicken mince Hamburg with teriyaki sauce. 

             Good point    very soft and tender 
                                   As main size, you never seen at the other restaurant
             Bad point       it sound cheep?

7. Unagi donburi               Authentic Japanese eel donburi

8. Vegan vege tempura  and salad       for vegan customers

I shin wish to have Lunch menu around 7 kinds only or less.

We really need to have menu as minimum and sophisticated/specialized each dish.

Please advise me your opinion



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