Japanese cuisine recipe 英検四級でも分かる 英語でレシピ










YumYum sauce

  1. Egg yolk 1each
  2. Canola oil 300ml to 400ml
  3. Soy sauce and salt for tasting and color 

Mixing egg yolk very well, then adding canola oil little by little.

Grilled Shiitake Mushroom with Yum Yum sauce

  1. Mush room 3pc same size 
  2. Prawn cooked and diced 
  3. Yum Yum sauce 
  4. Thinly sliced bean for garnish

Place diced prawn onto mushroom first, then Yum Yum sauce.

Cook 6min to 10min( depends on how thick mushroom)

Finish with garnish 

Egg Omelette Tamago for 3 rolls 6 service potions

  1. Eggs 15 each
  2. Sugar 15g
  3. Salt 2g
  4. Dashi broth 60g
  5. Mirin 60g
  6. 10.Light soy 2g

Tuna salad

Spread enough salt onto tuna for sweating, leave it for 30min

Wash gently with running water.

Wipe up

Put tuna in pot and put canola oil until tuna covered

Slow cooked 

After cooked, put tuna out and wiped up. Then cool down 

After cool down, seasoned with QP mayo, black pepper, salt

Uzaku  unagi and cucumber salad 

  1. Unagi fillet 
  2. Cucumber 
  3. Okura 
  4. White taro paste( frozen )

Cucumber thinly sliced and soaked into 2% salty water until soften

Gently squeesed cucumber 

Okura fine chopped and marinated with white taro paste

For service

Reheat unagi and sliced 

Put cucumber in tosazu sauce and gently squeezed

Place cucumber, unagi, okura/taro 

Put more tosazu sauce around cucumber 

Spinach salad 

  1. Prepare boiling water 
  2. Cooking leaf and stem separately 
  3. Cool down with running water 
  4. put cooked spinach on strainer for a while

For service

White sesame dressing 

Tuna tataki 

  1. Tuna fillet
  2. Micro herbs mixed
  3. Broccoli cooked and chopped 
  4. Wasabi dressing 
  5. Onion dressing
  6. Black pepper 
  7. Salt 
  8. Chives or spring onion on the top

Wasabi dressing 

Wasabi fresh and olive oil together. More oil less spicy from wasabi. Add soy sauce for taste

Tuna tataki 

Put tuna in boiling water for 10 second to 15 second

Immediately put tuna in ice water for cooling down.

Slice tuna 5 piece for around 60g

Broccoli chopped and died 

Salmon Tataki 

  1. Salmon confit 
  2. Mozzarella cheese sliced 
  3. Micro mixed herbs 
  4. Onion dressing
  5. Tosazu jelly 
  6. Ginger soy caramel

Salmon confit 

Put trimmed salmon in 2% salt water for 20min 

Vacuum bag with olive oil 

Sous vide for 37 degree c 30min

For service.

Salom 5 sliced 

White fish chazuke 

Dashi sauce 

Dashi : soy   2:2

White sesame cream 

  1. White sesame paste 50g
  2. Boiled sake 50g
  3. Soy sauce 6g
  4. Rice
  5. Tasted dashi 
  6. Wasabi 

Tasted dashi ( same as chawanmushi using)

Soaked white fish into dashi sauce for 15min

Wiped out fish and dipped in sesame cream sauce 

Tako wasabi chazuke

  1. Tako wasabi
  2. Bobo cracker
  3. Shred Nori 
  4. Tasted dashi 



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